Saturday, August 6


The older Kaleb gets, the more he has Daniel's personality! He is always such a funny boy and makes me laugh all the time. Daniel was off today and Kaleb stayed home with him. It was nap time and Kaleb didn't want to go to sleep so Daniel said, "Well it's a good thing I'm the boss." Kaleb replied, "No you're not Daddy! Mommy is the boss!" Gosh I love that boy!

Thought I would leave you with a few pictures to end the post.

Maybe he will grow up to be a dentist someday and provide for Mommy and Daddy when we retire........hey, I can wish right?

We got these new jammies the other day and I think he is just ADORABLE in them.

Monday, June 6

How Time Flies

It has been a long time since I have blogged and I have to wonder if anyone really reads this thing!

Seems like just yesterday I had a baby boy and now I have a little independent boy. He is growing so fast and will be 4 yrs old in November! 4YRS OLD!

Isn't he the coolest? He sure does have his Daddy's personality. Never met a stranger (I'm finding out that this can be a very bad thing)! I mean, I don't want him to hide behind me every time we meet someone new, but I definitely don't want him talking to everyone as we pass them in the grocery store! There are some sickos out there you know. I digress...

I will leave you with a few more pictures of my cutie and hopefully my next post won't be next year!


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Friday, June 19

Cutest Toddler

I know it's been a while. I've just been trying to enjoy Kaleb and life as much as possible these days. He is growing up so fast. He's learning so many words now and has quite the personality. He sings the "clean up" song while picking up his toys and one of his favorite foods is "panpakes" (we call them pancakes)! Although, we've found out that he will eat ANYTHING! LOL! He drinks from a straw now and loves everything outside. He can even hit a ball off a tee! While I'm bragging, I should also tell you that he was in the Taste of Tipton "Cutest Kid" contest. He won Cutest Toddler in age 13-36 months!!! His Daddy & I couldn't be more proud! I think He's going to be a little heartbreaker. Watch out ladies!

Friday, March 20

Growing up

So my baby can feed himself now and he's walking! Can you believe it? It seems like he changes everyday. I can't imagine what I did without him. Oh how life has changed & I wouldn't change a thing about it. i'm trying to slow down & enjoy the ride because these are the days of our lives!

Thursday, March 5


Sooooo, you would think that most children would LOVE the snow. Well, not mine! He was fine as long as Daniel or I were holding him, but when we put him down....this is the face we got. you would think that we were the worst parents in the world! Let's all home that he growns out of it. I'm looking forward to building snowmen & having snowball fights!

Saturday, January 31

Play time

Kaleb is posing for the camera isn't he? We were getting ready for bath time last night & he was just hamming it up. The boy loves the camera! I was finally able to get a candid shot of the two of us also. Usually I only get pictures of Kaleb & his Dadddy because I'm the one holding the camera.
Thursday night Daniel & I went to Baptist Women's Center to see 2 new babies. My cousin Jeremy & Lauren had baby boy Jayden Darryl born on 1/28 weighing 7lbs 12 oz & 21 in. long! He is such a cutie. Hard to believe that Kaleb was smaller than that when he was born! We also saw Leslie & Keith Hopkins. We didn't get to see baby Kayson, but he is doing well! I think Leslie was going a little stir crazy though. She looked great for just having an emergency c-section!

Monday, January 12


Kaleb is changing so much these days. He's learning new words (duck, mine, thank you, and we think "love you") and he's also getting into EVERYTHING! No matter how many times we tell him "no", he just goes back & gets right back into it! He's also starting to pull up more & more & should be walking any day now. guess Momma & Dada better put on their running shoes!

On another note...
Some of you may have heard already, but Daniel quit his job at the Ford place on Jan 3rd. Believe it or not, this is a blessing for our family. He had been so unhappy there since the new owners took over. No job is worth being that miserable! So, pray that something great will come along so that he is able to spend more time with me & Kaleb. We have faith and believe that God has big and wonderful things in store for us.