Saturday, January 31

Play time

Kaleb is posing for the camera isn't he? We were getting ready for bath time last night & he was just hamming it up. The boy loves the camera! I was finally able to get a candid shot of the two of us also. Usually I only get pictures of Kaleb & his Dadddy because I'm the one holding the camera.
Thursday night Daniel & I went to Baptist Women's Center to see 2 new babies. My cousin Jeremy & Lauren had baby boy Jayden Darryl born on 1/28 weighing 7lbs 12 oz & 21 in. long! He is such a cutie. Hard to believe that Kaleb was smaller than that when he was born! We also saw Leslie & Keith Hopkins. We didn't get to see baby Kayson, but he is doing well! I think Leslie was going a little stir crazy though. She looked great for just having an emergency c-section!

Monday, January 12


Kaleb is changing so much these days. He's learning new words (duck, mine, thank you, and we think "love you") and he's also getting into EVERYTHING! No matter how many times we tell him "no", he just goes back & gets right back into it! He's also starting to pull up more & more & should be walking any day now. guess Momma & Dada better put on their running shoes!

On another note...
Some of you may have heard already, but Daniel quit his job at the Ford place on Jan 3rd. Believe it or not, this is a blessing for our family. He had been so unhappy there since the new owners took over. No job is worth being that miserable! So, pray that something great will come along so that he is able to spend more time with me & Kaleb. We have faith and believe that God has big and wonderful things in store for us.