Saturday, January 31

Play time

Kaleb is posing for the camera isn't he? We were getting ready for bath time last night & he was just hamming it up. The boy loves the camera! I was finally able to get a candid shot of the two of us also. Usually I only get pictures of Kaleb & his Dadddy because I'm the one holding the camera.
Thursday night Daniel & I went to Baptist Women's Center to see 2 new babies. My cousin Jeremy & Lauren had baby boy Jayden Darryl born on 1/28 weighing 7lbs 12 oz & 21 in. long! He is such a cutie. Hard to believe that Kaleb was smaller than that when he was born! We also saw Leslie & Keith Hopkins. We didn't get to see baby Kayson, but he is doing well! I think Leslie was going a little stir crazy though. She looked great for just having an emergency c-section!

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Sandra said...

He is so adorable. I love that beautiful smile.